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Permanent Record Podcast

Brian and Sarah are your hosts for this look back at albums from the New Wave and Classic Rock genres-- albums which have earned a permanent spot in their record collection. The hosts start the discussion with a history of the album, followed by their personal history with it. Over the course of two episodes, they do a track-by-track review of the album and the videos that accompany the singles. They conclude by each giving the album a final review and rating of zero to five record adapters. Join Brian and Sarah in this fun look back at the hits-- along with some misses-- of the 70s and 80s!

Feb 26, 2022

Episode 140: Queen - The Miracle (1989) Part 4

At long last, the final part of Brian and Sarah's discussion of The Miracle is here! It definitely took our hosts longer to cover Queen's 1989 album than they expected, but they can at least say they finished talking about The Miracle in less time than it took for the band to record it.

Track by Track, continued

After a 'mini-episode' that only covered one album track, Brian and Sarah are left with three more songs to discuss, including yet another single and video. Thankfully, there are no more mentions of plagiarism! Instead, our hosts cover such diverse topics as the paparazzi, disappearing fake blood, quotes from Shakespearean plays, and an instrument called the vibraslap.

My Baby Does Me
Was It All Worth It

Extra Credit

For extra credit, our hosts find themselves talking about even more songs associated with The Miracle. The five singles released from The Miracle all had B-sides that were not on the LP version of the album. Brian and Sarah each choose their favorite B-side and explain a little about what makes it their favorite.

Final Reviews and Ratings

Then the time comes for the final reviews and ratings of the last Queen album released in the 1980s. Both Brian and Sarah have expressed some strong and favorable opinions on many of the songs, but will that be enough for the album to rate a full 100 record adapters?

See the videos discussed here:


"Was It All Worth It" Tribute Video made by slightlymad22


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