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Permanent Record Podcast

Brian and Sarah are your hosts for this look back at albums from the New Wave and Classic Rock genres-- albums which have earned a permanent spot in their record collection. The hosts start the discussion with a history of the album, followed by their personal history with it. Over the course of two episodes, they do a track-by-track review of the album and the videos that accompany the singles. They conclude by each giving the album a final review and rating of zero to five record adapters. Join Brian and Sarah in this fun look back at the hits-- along with some misses-- of the 70s and 80s!

Feb 13, 2022

Episode 139: Queen - The Miracle (1989) Part 3.5  and Trivia Showdown 2022 promotion

Brian and Sarah are trying their best to make up for the long gap between the first and second episodes discussing  Queen's 1989 album The Miracle, so here's yet another episode about the album! However, this episode is serving more than one purpose.

First, by talking about one song on its own, that leaves Brian and Sarah with three songs left to discuss on the fourth episode on The Miracle, as well as the final reviews and ratings. The song up for discussion in this episode is "Rain Must Fall," which finds Brian and Sarah talking about the difference between "good fake drums" and "bad fake drums," a famous poet,  an Olympic athlete, and once again, plagiarism!

Second, this episode gives our hosts the chance to promote the upcoming Trivia Showdown episode, which depends a lot on you! While the Quizmaster is an excellent emcee (although after last year, his scoring methods may be somewhat suspect), he needs your help with compiling questions for the game. Brian and Sarah provide instructions in this episode on how to send in questions for the upcoming Trivia Showdown-- and you can always listen to past episodes to learn about the kinds of questions that have been sent in.

Both hosts will need to keep this song in mind after the Trivia Showdown-- as one of them will probably lose, they'll have to remember that "into each life a little rain must fall."

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