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Permanent Record Podcast

Brian and Sarah are your hosts for this look back at albums from the New Wave and Classic Rock genres-- albums which have earned a permanent spot in their record collection. The hosts start the discussion with a history of the album, followed by their personal history with it. Over the course of two episodes, they do a track-by-track review of the album and the videos that accompany the singles. They conclude by each giving the album a final review and rating of zero to five record adapters. Join Brian and Sarah in this fun look back at the hits-- along with some misses-- of the 70s and 80s!

Jul 3, 2022

PRP Mini Concert Memories: Episode 5 -  Tears for Fears, 6-21-2022 (with T.J. Cullen)

Welcome to the fifth installment of PRP Mini Concert Memories! This time, Brian and Sarah are going all the way back to June 21st, 2022, just two short weeks ago, to discuss their evening in the City of Brotherly Love with the...

Jul 4, 2017

Episode 24: Concert Report - Tears For Fears 2017

Sarah and Brian had a little extra time on their hands this week, so they put together this mini-episode detailing their recent trip to the nation's capital to see a band they talked about just a month ago, Tears For Fears!

Spoiler alert!  If you are going to see TFF on...

May 8, 2017

Episode 17: Tears for Fears - Songs from the Big Chair (1985) - Part 2


This week's episode continues Brian and Sarah's discussion of the second Tears for Fears album, Songs from the Big Chair. The first side of this 1985 release contained several chart-topping hits, but the second side has a decidedly different feel...

Apr 29, 2017

Episode 16: Tears For Fears - Songs From The Big Chair (1985) Part 1

After a break to celebrate Brian's birthday, our hosts are back and ready to discuss an iconic 80s album by the British band Tears for Fears. Songs from the Big Chair was released in 1985 and produced several international hits, as well as some...