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Permanent Record Podcast

Brian and Sarah are your hosts for this look back at albums from the New Wave and Classic Rock genres-- albums which have earned a permanent spot in their record collection. The hosts start the discussion with a history of the album, followed by their personal history with it. Over the course of two episodes, they do a track-by-track review of the album and the videos that accompany the singles. They conclude by each giving the album a final review and rating of zero to five record adapters. Join Brian and Sarah in this fun look back at the hits-- along with some misses-- of the 70s and 80s!

Jun 17, 2019

Episode 84: Power Hour 1984: (The Police, Wham!, Prince, FGTH, Scandal, Van Halen)

The month of June is here, and the official start to summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) is just days away. For something different to kick off the summer, Sarah came up with the idea of doing an episode on the music of 1984 for episode 84. Brian added a twist to the idea by framing the discussion around a "power hour," where participants drink a shot of an alcoholic beverage (something mild, like beer or cider) every minute for sixty minutes. And to make things even more interesting and fun, occasional guest host Colby Zell was invited to participate as well.


Each of the three hosts report the beverage they'll be drinking during the "power hour," and then as the clock starts, they read a very recent article that talks about how 1984 was voted as the best year in pop music since the inception of the pop music charts. Then Colby, Sarah, and Brian take turns drawing random songs out of a hat (yes, an actual hat). All the songs were listed in Rolling Stone magazine's article  "100 Best Singles of 1984: Pop’s Greatest Year." Some lively, circuitous, and humorous discussions ensue as the songs are chosen and the beverages are consumed.

The Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger
Wham! - Careless Whisper
Prince - When Doves Cry
Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax
Scandal Featuring Patty Smyth - The Warrior
Van Halen - Hot For Teacher


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