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Permanent Record Podcast

Brian and Sarah are your hosts for this look back at albums from the New Wave and Classic Rock genres-- albums which have earned a permanent spot in their record collection. The hosts start the discussion with a history of the album, followed by their personal history with it. Over the course of two episodes, they do a track-by-track review of the album and the videos that accompany the singles. They conclude by each giving the album a final review and rating of zero to five record adapters. Join Brian and Sarah in this fun look back at the hits-- along with some misses-- of the 70s and 80s!

May 28, 2018

Episode 58: Forgotten 80s - Aztec Camera, Two Minds Crack, Red Flag, Animotion 


It's Memorial Day weekend here in the States, but that hasn't stopped Brian and Sarah from putting together another episode. This one is based on a listener idea; Charles Christiphe wrote in and suggested an episode about forgotten songs of...

May 20, 2018

Episode 57: a-ha - Stay on These Roads (1988) Part 2


After an unplanned break, Brian and Sarah are back to finish up their discussion of the third album by Norwegian group a-ha, 1988's "Stay on These Roads." The hosts first take a little time to share the latest iTunes reviews that have been rolling in since...

May 7, 2018

Episode 56: a-ha - Stay on These Roads (1988) Part 1


Brian and Sarah haven't discussed the Norwegian group a-ha since way back in their second episode, and seeing how a-ha is one of their favorite groups, they decide it's time to discuss another a-ha album. The one they select is the third release, "Stay on These...